" Eternal " - New Floral-Themed Series: " This Garden I Call Home "

" Eternal "

I have been a bit absent on my photo work but, I have just picked up my camera after  a couple months to use for realz. 
April was a very special month for me and I learned a lot about life and about myself. As I am slowly getting down on more techniques for painting and understanding the making behind every piece, it has made me appreciate what I do on every aspect including my photography. We never stop learning about ourselves and I believe that in the art world we have multiple personalities that we maybe have yet to discover.

I am Starting this new Floral series ( when do I not include nature haha ! ) which I named " This Garden I Call Home " because to me, on a personal level, nature and/or flowers mean life, death and inner growth. I use nature in most of my works representing that reminder that I am still in a constant state of growth personally and mentally and I have learned a lot of both this past month and it has completely changed the way I see things.

So I am stepping up my game and going hard this year and I told myself to make work with patience, it's not always about constantly posting on social media, there's always secret behind the scenes in the works, haha !

One of super cute best friends Laura volunteered as tribute and modeled this time and I couldn't have asked for a better model for this concept <3 

She's gorgeous and I thank her so much for helping me out c':

Enjoy !

( p.s. the main one was picked for my personal style and needs while the rest of em are just regular portraits or the " non-surreal ones " per say.   )



For a more complete and closer look go on my 500px page.  CLICK HERE


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