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Early indoors window lighting shoot with Alexa

   I shot my friend Alexa once again ( for the a thousandth time ) for a quick experimentation with my new toys , a pair of kaleidoscope glasses and a 6" Prism ! It's a very interesting tool to use against light and it's so much fun and you can get so creative with it , I highly recommend experimenting with it ! I hadn't shot Alexa in a while and, we definitely tried new things this time so, enjoy !  

" Los Egos "

I played Little Nightmares last week and MAN did I LOO00OOoooOooo00oooove it!! I recommend it over 9000 ! It's an amazing game and I would 10/10 play it over and over again. So,  Little Nightmares is about a girl named Six, we don't know why she got to where she's at. In the game, she has to find herself a way to escape " The Maw " where horrible things happen, is it an orphanage ? A torture chamber ? Who knows. But you sure need to play a game of Hide and Seek with all the monsters annd that is the fun part ! The game has no dialogue, they don't really explain much, and that's what makes it interesting because there are a TON of theories that are way too interesting to not watch. I'll let you all go play the game before I start telling spoilers ! One of the theories I was really interested in made from a dude on youtube with the username " The Inhuman One " started to do research on how the Japanese mythology or folklore heavily infl