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" Demon Days Part II " - Self-Portrait

This is a composite image using pictures used back in January for my original " Demon Days " photo Here < ---- Just though I would choose old images taken and do something creative and new. I rarely do Black & White images, but this looks best like this. Enjoy the wierdness ! This actually reminds me of Hollow Ichigo's mask 

" Purified " With Julie Pavlacka

Alright ! This is just my first attempt of making a double-exposure effect !  I know it could be better I know, I know u______u I'm kinda glad I pulled this off because most of the work I've seen uses a white background, so in order to practice the magic, I was looking for images to edit and I remembered I had these cool-looking ones.  Had to watch lots and lots of Photoshop tutorials ! This is my friend Julie, she's great. Her work is great, go check it out riiiight HERE    So Julie and I were playing with external flashes in the studio and had to make a " creative " image~ We tried this and it turned out pretty cool ! So glad we did this.  Here's a picture of me taken by Julie. Julie's image fused with the picture of the Ocean I took reminded me of the song " Purified "  by  Of Mice & Men !