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" The Great Fairy "

           [ CLICK BEFORE YOU SCROLL DOWN ] vvvvvvvvvvv _____________________________________________________________ I made a Great Fairy inspired character based from The Legend of Zelda ! This is the second Image of this series. My friend Denisse was the lovely model for this and she nailed it ! With the help of my cool friend Jerick, there's a video linked below featuring behind the scenes of this photoshoot. Dennise was the cutest and best model appropriate for this fairy-inspired character and I can't thank her enough <3 First of all, I will share a few images of how I made the gold floral crown. I got this bold-looking black wire from school to hang work but then I was told it wasn't necessary to use so I took it home, made it into a halo and bought fake flowers and done ! I used hot glue and goldish string to put it all together                              And finally, I used gold spray paint and a ma

" The Journey Begins "

Image number one of this long-term series I'm starting based on a mix of a fantasy world + a variable medieval feel to it.  There's a lot to say about how I came to start this series or even came to think of it. Art has been a huge part of my life and I've always associated it with movies, video games and music I grew up with. I've always been fascinated by fantasy and just about anything science fiction and I can say about 80% of my work is greatly inspired by it and it's something I'll never stop doing. This past winter break was hard yet a good stage for me because I got tired of my work. I got tired of looking at what I've done so far and not feeling 100% creative and feeling like I didn't fit into any of the styles I was trying all this time. I started taking photos of zoo animals to lifestyle to self-portraits and creative portraits etc. I can say i'm happy where I'm standing because that's the special thing about ar