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The Great Jeremy Farson

Jeremy Farson ladies and gentlemen. I've been working on my final project for my editorial photography class. I chose to shoot 5 to 7 portraits of painters // illustrators, so I obviously had to think of Jeremy.  I got to shoot in his art room and it was one of the best photoshoots i've ever had ! Jeremy is really cool to work with and I had no trouble telling him what to do and all. He grabbed this sculpture of a bunny he made a while back and it really shows how proud he is of it. It was the first thing he grabbed and posed with ! He started painting over his  most recent piece just for the lulz of it. After we finished shooting this set he said: " Hold on lemme finish this. "  And did his shenanigans with it. The he painted over the other one. Reference picture for painting. I asked Jeremy If I could splatter paint on him or something and he agreed and immediately grabbed his red a