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" Weapon of Choice "

This here is a project for school where we had to choose a social issue and take either documentary or commentary styled photographs. My issue was violence in videogames. Most websites talk about the negative side of playing videogames, so I was like NOPE. Of course, I can't change people's minds about their concept of videogames and how they may influence kids, adults, etc. But people should also know that there are limits and most gamers know how to manage their time and not fall into obsession.  So me, as a long-time gamer decided to make this piece, of course, as a personal point of view~ For me, this picture features three people proudly raising their guns up in the air, but there's one person with a game controller, so for me, I see it as in I prefer having people do all sorts of violence and shooting in a videogame instead of letting all that rage out into real life.  In this photo, this game controller is my weapon of choice.

" Demon Days " Self-portrait ~

How do I even start explaining how wierd I am~  So,  once again, welcome to my strange little world~ I don't have an original sketch for this particular photo because it was what I call a " happy accident ". This weekend has been really loaded with stress, I still have to work on my presentation that's due Monday, but as always~ I tend to stress myself and go overboard on whatever I need to turn in for school. So I planned on making another photo for my photography homework, which I had planned and even have a sketch for it. I worked SOOO hard for that, but I lost the magic and decided to work on it some other day. The only image that was an accident that I liked was this :  It's obviously not finished, and like I said, I lost the magic, I worked so hard on it. And the cool part about it was that Jimmy ( my bird ) randomly decided to rest on my arm for a few seconds and managed to get a photo of it. I was so grateful he made it look way bett