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" My Life As A Comic "

Hi, this is me. Yet anothoer self-portrait featuring dat comic lyfe. The simple yet awesome makeup was inspired by the very own Alexys Fleming  . She's a creative make-up artist who does phenomenal work ! I was watching videos on youtube and you know how random channels would pop up on the ad before your video starts ? She popped-up ! And I was just like, " nooooooooooooooooooo, this is so freaking cooooooooool " D: I subscribed immediately  cause I knew I was gonna enjoy watching her videos. More than beauty work, she also does games, cartoons, and movie inspired make-up. She's so talented ! You should check her out, I linked her facebook page somewhere in this paragraph ~ Video right here !  I know there's more videos like this, but I personally liked her version because she kept it simple and cool. After watching it, I was like, yeah, ok cool i'm gonna watch some more~ But then one day I was thinking of new photos to make and I thought of t

Featuring art by Gabriel P. Hernandez

This is NOT my art, but I would like to feature these amazing art pieces of Totoro and Boba Fett I bought off an artist at Comic Con named Gabriel P. Hernandez.  If you've heard of him or seen his art, please let me know so I can contact him. I've only found his devianArt right here:  . I finally got to frame this which i'm in love with ! I hope I get to buy more of his art ! Here's a close-up: