" The Crow King "

This is definitely one of my favorite photo shoots I've shot in a while !
My character for today is a crow king. I made this character up inspired by Bloodbourne themes and just photo references off the internet.

Spencer killed it in this costume and no one could have done it better ! I appreciate his enthusiasm and I'm glad we were on the same page for this.

I ordered this gold crown online for kids and spray painted it all black, used some of Jimmy's  (  my bird ) feathers which I also spray painted black and it looked pretty evil yet majestic. I also ordered a fake crow for him to hold on his hand ( originally on his arm ), and a toy sword. I asked him to wear all black, and then my awesome friend Daniel ( THANKS A LOT BTW ) let us borrow his really cool and gothic-looking black coat which went with the red cape just perfectly. I also ordered a red smoke bomb to give it this dark evil feel to the photograph and I guess it worked.

I'm so happy with this shoot I gotta thank Spencer for his MAD modeling skillz ;'D !! And Jerick for always doing his best to make cool BTS videos !

Enjoy rest of photos !

Larger photos on:


My top 3 ^

The rest of unedited photos:



Jerick capturing photos

Spencer was such a trooper for this shoot and i'm looking forward to work with him again sometime soon !


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