" Deer Dance in the Garden of Eld "

So for this photoshoot my lovely auntie Ileana was able to volunteer as tribute ! 
The main reasons I chose her for this shoot is because she's been a ballerina for years now and she had the perfect tutu  for this shoot since I'm mostly using gold details for these characters. The gold deer antlers fit perfectly because I guess we're on that same nutcracker page so we understand eachother.

We shot at the same place as last time because there were still undiscovered areas I needed to shoot and that I knew would work because of the amount of tree stumps laying around.

We thought the weather was gonna be cloudy all day long but the sun was on and off for the most part so It helped a lot. 

My main focus for this shoot in particular was the ballet poses and overall the mini story of a deer doing enjoying a laid-back day in the woods.

My friend Jerick happened to make another BTS video for this shoot which will be coming soon !

enjoy a few more photos below !

Also on:

             We also happened to see this lizard chillin and watching us work ! it was the cutest thing <3

And jerick doing his thang.

Instant film from le shoot

Here are some pictures taken by Jerick

His wide angle lens made my head smaller than usual

Spidey poses for days~


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