"Gemini" with Alexa Nunez

This is my awesome friend Alexa. She has always been supportive of my wierddd and crazy "visions" and/or ideas, and I thank her for being so easy to work with.

Even before the year 2014 even begun, I wanted to plan a project for the rest of the year, so I started sketching ideas of possibly future shoots going down this year and decided to sketch a concept I had in mind at the moment and then compare it with the final image. I guess it worked. 

Original idea: 

This idea came to life when I was helping out my grandma cleaning some ol'room and found these wierd-looking twin masks, and she said it was better if I kept them. I didn't think I'd use them for a photo, but I sure am glad I didn't get rid of them! 
As shown above, that was my original concept, it changed completely because I believed I was gonna come up with something in the middle of the shoot. And I did. 

More from the shoot ! Enjoy !


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